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What is Able Care Connect Home Health

Able Care Connect Home Health, located on the prestigious campus of The Palms of Largo, is a Medicare certified home health agency licensed by the State of Florida to provide both skilled and private duty services to seniors in their homes throughout Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Click here to learn more about Medicare benefits.

Able Care Connect Home Health offers a large scope of services ranging from minimal assistance to clinical professionals to ensure we meet your unique health care needs. Our care is defined by our clinical expertise and the compassion we deliver – one patient at a time. Our goal is to offer exceptional service at every level and in many forms. Care plans are created in cooperation with the patient, the patient’s doctor, family members of the patient, as well as the agency.

The very concept of home care is one that is rooted in the most basic human need – that of independence, familiar surroundings and the companionship of caring individuals. Home care is a cost-effective means of providing skilled professional services to patients in a comfortable environment that is safe and secure.

(See Health Affairs Health Policy Brief, Improving Care Transitions (Sept.13, 2012).

“Thank you for taking exceptional care of Dorothy. I have been her sole caretaker since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008. My children have long urged me to hire help, but I refused to due to guilt and the feeling that “no one could care for her like I do”. It took a few weeks to figure out who she would be most receptive to and not become combative. Once we figured that piece out, it was smooth sailing!…”

Doug at Regal Palms

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